Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Post Marathon Thought, and What's next?

I just wanted to jot down some post-marathon thoughts:

· I'm a Marathon'er - but still a newbie, with a lot to learn.

· Today is the first day that I could walk DOWN stairs. My quads are still in pain. Vitamin-I is hardly working.

· I’ve run twice since Saturday, and it felt like running in MUD.

· It was such a beautiful day. I’m very thankful that I got to experience it with my family. They ran up to me as I crossed the finish line, and it was fantastic.

· The cannon was awesome. They fired it twice while I was there. Once for the start of the Marathon, and once to start the “kids” marathon.

· The rolling hills kept things interesting. There were not a lot of flat spaces, except the first 2 miles, and the last 2 miles.

· Did I mention that my legs are STILL sore?

· 26.2 miles is a long way, but I enjoyed at least 22.2 of those miles. The other 4, not so much.

· I want to run this marathon again. Like Craig said, the finisher’s medal is very cool. My other fall Marathon wish list would be Chicago or Marine Corps – The People’s Marathon.

· I think running easy miles at the beginning through mile 12 was a good plan. I think I can push it faster, we shall see.

· I ran a “negative split" – un-intentionally. My ½ pace was 2:00:57, and I finished 3:57:27.

This weekend I am volunteering at the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon that some 200 brave souls are running over at Percy Warner Park. One loop of the 11.2 miles usually kicks my can, I can’t image doing 2 loops, plus some extra.

Ok, now here is my secret pact I made with “myself”. There is less than 3 weeks until the Vegas Marathon. Around mile 20 of Chickamauga, I kinda knew I had a shot at a sub-4 hour finish, which was my DEEP DOWN UNANNOUNCED GOAL. So I said to myself “Do this one in under 4 and really run SLOW at Vegas, because you are a newbie and all, and it will HURT.”

So, at this point, I am not absolutely positive that I will try and PR Vegas. My brain says that a 3:45 is do-able, which is a 8:35 per mile pace. My legs are trying to convince my brain, otherwise…….


  1. Keep it up and good luck in Vegas! Your experience sounds a lot like mine, at Chicago last year. The last 3-4 miles were the least enjoyable!! And stairs were not my friend for a week. Unfortunately, there was a fire in our hotel the night after the race and we were on the third floor of our hotel!!

  2. You ran a good race! I'd say 3:45 is definately doable!!

  3. Walking down stairs was hard for me for a good number of days. Another marathon suggested to me that I walk down them backwards - it helped a little.

    I would agree that 3:45 is probably very manageable. Just make sure to rest up between now and then!

  4. i think you can hit your sub-3:45! enjoy the rest time - hope your legs start functioning again soon! the post-marathon gimp is not my favorite... :)

  5. Got that gimp out tonight - woot. Ran 8 miles @ 8:46 pace. Felt good and finished in the dark.

  6. Thanks for the good luck wishes for this weekend! And... if you see me collapsed on the side of the road... just leave me there...

    Thanks in advance for volunteering!

    CONGRATS on Chickamauga, I ran it last year and LOVED it. And... Vegas, huh??? I'm anxious to hear how that race is! But, to be honest... there is a significant difference in time between 3:57 and 3:45, but it's definitely not impossible. I do think running consecutive marathons generally improves your overall times... (but, I'm no expert). :)

  7. I don't like the last four miles of a marathon very much either :(. Good luck on Vegas!! I've never done two marathons so close to one another so will be anxious to see how it will rock, though for sure :).


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