Saturday, December 19, 2009

I like to move it, move it... 2010 Version

I'm using the theme song from Madagascar for my 2010 Running Season.

Yes, I'm a Type A personality. My color is Gold in the True Colors personality profile. Planning stuff, especially my running routine, is my thing. Some folks wing it, I like to plan it. Or for 2010.... Move it, move it.

I did a little research after reading that Jesse was planning on using Pete Pfitzinger. I have adopted Pfitzinger's Intermediate 55-mile program for my next Marathon.  I've got the book on the way too, so I plan on doing a deep dive into Phitzinger's principles. We'll see how this plan goes for the spring Marathon, and if I will continue to use it for the fall Marathon.

Really, the Trails are calling my name this year. Even before I began running early this year, what I really always wanted was to run trails. Stephanie had bought me some nice trail running shoes for Christmas LAST YEAR, and I finally used them, for their intended purpose, last weekend. Nashville only has a few good trail systems, so the it will be off to Chattanooga a few times this year.

My GOAL race/run for this year will be an 50K Trail Ultra Marathon called StumpJump. Considering that it took me 2 hours to run 9 miles at Percy Warner Park (and IT WAS BRUTAL), I've got a lot of training to do for this one.

2010 Running Schedule (subject to Change)
  • Start the year off  with Old Man's 50K Run at the Murfreesboro greenway. I'm going to try the entire 50.
  • A few 5/10K runs in Jan/Feb.
  • Tom King Half Marathon at Titan's Stadium in March.
  • Rock Creek River Gorge 10.2 Mile Trail Run in Chattanooga in March.
  • 11th Country Music Marathon in April - Steph is running the Half. Will be fun.
  • Wild Thang Trail Run in Nashville and 
  • the Scenic City Trail Half Marathon in Chattanooga in May.
  • RC and Moon Pie 10 Miler - Should be HOT in June
  • July/Aug/Sept will be 50K training period, with a few 5/10K's thrown in to keep the speed up.
  • Oct 3rd, 2010 will be the Rock/Creek StumpJump 50K - Move it, move it.....
  • Tentatively scheduling Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon in November, because I enjoyed it so much the first time.
I will probably miss one of my favorite races from the past year, the Middle Half Marathon. It was a blast. They have to schedule around MTSU football games, but last year was on the same weekend as StumpJump. I'll keep an eye on it.

My personal goals are:
  • Have more FUN. I know I am a planner, but running, at its core, is about getting away from ordinary life and enjoying nature and yourSELF.
  • 1.500 miles is my goal. 1,800 is my stretch goal.
  • Lose 10 more pounds. I think I will be much fitter running at 150 instead of 160. Seriously, I will need an entirely new wardrobe if that happens. This time last year, I was around 180 pounds.
  • 3:45 Marathon
  • 1:40 Half Marathon
  • 21:xx - 5K
  • 44:xx - 10K


  1. Such awesome goals!! Good luck! I can't wait to read all about it :)

  2. Great goals. I'm type 'A' also, and created my own excel spreadsheet for the Pfitz 18/55. If you want a copy, let me know. If you follow the entire 18 weeks, you'll end up running 802 miles, which would be a fantastic start to your 1,800 "stretch" goal for the year.

    You must be my twin or something - I'm 160 hoping to get down to 150 also.

    1. Just found this thread searcing for an excel version of Pfitz 18/55. I have the book but wanted to share the 18/55 plan with my training buddy - we're running Amsterdam this year..hopefully sub 3.30. Would be forever grateful if you could post a copy of the excel plan you put together. Long shot as this is a really old post...but you never know

  3. Cool. Looks like we will be running a lot of the same races next year. Hopefully you'll wait at the finish line long enough for me to finish and say hi!

    Good luck next year.

  4. Jesse - I think we will need a few MORE new shoes with that many miles.

    Kevin - please let me know where you will be, I would like to say hello. I have planned on most of the Nashville Strider Run's, I have heard they are beneficial.

    Mel - thanks, hope to hear about your year to. Hope your ankle is better soon.


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