Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Foot Prints

What is up with all of the crap about Carbon Dioxide emission and stuff they are discussing at the "Green Summit" in Copenhagen? It is just baffling the things that so-called intelligent folks come up with.

It's even funnier when Idiot's join in the fun, and try to make things "right" by "off-setting" the carbon footprint of others. Some company (I guess you could call them that) is going to plant enough trees to off-set the CO2 that President Obama is going to emit while flying to Copenhagen to meet at the summit. I don't know, but maybe Obama would emit less CO2 if he didn't fly there to begin with?

But jeez, it's not  like CO2 is even poisonous. In fact, what would trees, plants, grass, etc. turn into Oxygen if it weren't for Carbon Dioxide.

So, what is your Carbon Footprint? I suspect that since you run a lot, that your emissions are quite a bit higher than some folks. And what about me? I used a dang treadmill for 60 minutes tonight. Wonder how much that was?

Al Gore has a good thing going. He's going to make a fortune pulling this over every ones eyes. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for helping to create less pollution though technology. Getting off America's dependence of oil would be an awesome thing. But seriously, are they all that naive to think that human being's can man-make anything that mother-nature could not adjust to?

Just be careful, because before long, us runners will have to purchase some "carbon off-sets" every time we use a trail or buy some new Nike's.

I better go plant some trees.

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  1. There are lots of people cashing in on this "green" trend. On one of the major travel websites (expedia, perhaps), you used to be able to buy a "carbon offset" at the time of your ticket purchase. I've never been a big fan of carbon-offset as a solution to some sort of "problem." How about less pollution from our planes, trains, and automobiles to begin with?

    My personal belief is that, whether or not climate change is true (or a problem), we can't go wrong leaving the planet in the best shape possible for our children and grandchildren. For me, I do what I can to "help" the environment out of respect for my (unborn) offspring.


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