Monday, November 5, 2012

365 Days until IMFL 2013

363 days from today, I'm going to attempt my first Ironman Triathlon during the 2013 Florida Ironman. What??

This past weekend I went down and volunteered at the 2012 IMFL and was a finish line catcher. What a great experience. Several of my triathlon group went down and we shared the experience together and 12 of us signed up for 2013. This blog will document my journey, discovery, experiences and training for the next year.

This is mostly for me to document the journey. Thanks for following and any and all tips, comments, recommendations that you want to give.

So, here I go....

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  1. Chris, congrats on signing up for IMFL 2013, ping me if you want to chat about the race sometime although i'm sure you have a lot of people offering up advice/information... i'm typically in bld 4 Tues-Thurs.
    Derek B


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