Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flying Monkey Marathon #6

My first, and only, road race of the year, was the biggie - The Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey. This year's theme was THINK MONKEY - it was a spoof on the old Apple commercial "Think Different".

There were lots of hills (duh)

There was lots of rain.

There was mud at the finish line...   and beer.

Finished 30 or so seconds ahead of last year, pretty consistent. Great finisher shirt and got a "Silipint" which is a silicone cup that will not break or shatter.

Here is what the RD said after the race:
"Yes. You did it. You ran Monkey the year it rained. You fool.

At least you now have bragging rights. Then again, the line between courage and foolish is faint. Whichever it was, perhaps now your legs are starting to recover, and your white hot hatred for the sufferfest the Monkey put you through is beginning to fade. Soon, the nightmare that was Monsoon Monkey will pass from your mind. Even though the scars will likely last a lifetime.

And then, perhaps you will crave more. Perhaps. Think Wet Monkey."

As for this year, I ventured into triathlons. I completed 2 sprints and 1 duathlon. I am not much of a swimmer and hope to improve next year. I've kind of got the urge to get back into racing next year, and am looking forward to doing a few 1/2 and one whole marathon in the fall. But my biggest goals are to complete 2 sprint, 1 Olympic and 1 70.3 half Iron. Stay tuned.

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