Sunday, February 21, 2010

Training Update

Just a little more than half way through with CMM training plan. Feels like in "throes of" training - meaning HO-HUM. Saturday, the 3rd of 6 training runs with Nashville Striders, and kicked out 18.5 miles. I want to say it was easy, but I'm having some residual pain behind my right knee, which is either a sub-set of the ITBS from last year or some tendinitis.It almost took me out of the training run Saturday morning. It was bad enough that I started to turn around about 2.75 miles into it, when a little elderly man came upon me. He was the last runner on the course, and was kinda dressed like super-man. He saw me looking at the map, and said to me - "Put the map away, the course is this way". I was like "whoaaa, if he can do it, so can I".

I limped along for about 5 miles, and it loosened up quite a bit. Somewhere around mile 7, I caught up to Marathon Matt at a fluid stop. Matt said "hi" but took off, because he had already been there 30 or so seconds before me. I quickly drank a cup of gatoraide, and took off. I tried to catch up to Matt, and trailed him for 3 more miles, and finally caught up to him at the 10.5 mile fluid stop. We ran together the last 8 miles and both  of us upped our speed a little bit, and finished the last few miles at 8:30 min/miles. Not too bad for miles 15-18, and this is my Marathon Goal Pace.

We saw "super-man" still trucking along at one point, where we were about 4 miles ahead of him. But, I still think he is awesome, and has great dedication to running.

Quick numbers during this training run:

372 miles (on pace for 2,300 miles - I don't see that happening)
1-20 miler
1-18 miler
1-16 miler
1 crickety knee
1 strained hammy

mta - I realize that is Ed Whitlock in the photo, but he reminds me of the older gent who spoke to me.


  1. I am always so impressed with the older runners. I can only hope that I will be that spry in my twilight years. Great job sticking it out and finishing your run!

  2. Hope your knee starts feeling better soon.


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