Monday, February 8, 2010

Beat goes on, sorta..

Stephaine pointed out to me that I say I'm a newbie on my blog, I guess I will say I'm a "Novice Runner" now, although the longer runs are hard to complete.

A few weeks ago I felt strong and raring to go. I've been nursing a tight hamstring for a week and a half, which loosens up in a few miles, but even with that, I've been feeling very sluggish for the better part of a week. Last Tuesday, I dusted the 40 lb kettleball out of the closet and swung it a few time. Whew !! That left my "Gluteus Maximus" sore for 3-4 days, on top of my sore hamstring. I can't tell if its the ramped up training that has me drained or the slight injury/weight training.

Either way, I had a "decent" Week 11 on the Pfitzinger 18/55 plan. 36.6 miles out of a planned 42 miles. Seems like the general theme on a lot of Running blogs is the weather, and I'm right along with this theme. 2 days of treadmilling are 2 too may for me. I've found that I like to push the speed when I'm on the treadmill, usually doing speed progressions, to get the workout over with. I know this isn't helping my hamstring, and when I am out on the roads, I'm having trouble hitting a groove. I hope my body will begin to adjust to the added miles soon. I've had 3 consistently 36-34-36 mile weeks since my nice 55 mile week. Total miles for the year are 228.8.

On the positive note - I've dropped below 160 pounds for the first time in 25 years. Well, let me say, that was on Friday when I weighed, I have no clue today, after the Super Bowl party from yesterday. I've been reading the book Racing Weight  by Matt Fitzgerald, which I will give a review of soon. By his charts, I should be around 152 pounds for my optimum racing weight. I'm shooting for that in the next 10 weeks, but would probably take a lot of work to get that low. Certainly not running mid-30 mile weeks.

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