Friday, February 26, 2010

Heavy Metal

What do you do with your Marathon or Half Marathon Medals? Do you wear them around all day after the big race? Do you treasure it like Gold Medal from the Olympics?

I got this in the mail today. I had forgotten all about Competitor sending it. It represents the Country Music Half Marathon and the Las Vegas Marathon, from the RockNRoll Series. I let my daughter open the package and told her to wear it proudly :)

I think she thinks its as goofy as I do. LOL.


  1. congrats on the extra medal! maybe you could find some way to 'display' them all together?

    i know lots of people wear medals around the next day but i feel dorky doing that. i wear it the rest of the day until i get home/back to the hotel to shower and then it just gets tucked away until i get around to getting it framed ...

  2. most of mine hang out of sight in the garage, even the Boston medal is out of sight.(planned on displaying it) my son played with a couple of them. used one for a key chain for awhile. some are misplaced or lost completely.


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