Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sunglasses REQUIRED !!!

Please do not glare into the sun. Put all children and dogs away.

These images are NSFW PEOPLE ! ! !

So, around middle of 2008, the summer was ending, and I was browsing through some photos of a pool party we had at my sisters house. OMG, I have turned into a beached Whale. I had balooned to around 205 and felt miserable.

I got off my behind and did a round of P90X and got down to around 185 in October of 2009. Then Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays, and all my momentum from P90X was gone. I was a blubber baby.

Right after Christmas, my work sent out a MEMO : "GET FIT, RUN Country Music Marathon".

I was like "whoa, this is what I need". I looked at this as an opportunity to get in shape and lose the weight. My company went full bore with this concept. They solicited people from all over our company (around 220,000 people) and had "lunch and learn" sessions, and a fund raising campaign for our HCA HOPE FUND. But most of all, they were going to give all of us participators a SHIRT. Now, I will do anything for a nice, new, cool shirt. Oh yeah, they are doing this in the name of Fitness, so they also paid $50 of the entry fee to the CMM. Now that is an incentive.

So, I guess I'd better stop rambling, and get to the topic of this blog. Losing some weight. For the past month, I have had at least 20 people notice that I have gotten "skinner" or "you've lost weight, haven't you" kind of thing. Most people know I've been running, so they know what kind of exercise I've been doing.

It's been a journey for me. I thought, mistakenly, that the pounds and inches would just melt away in a month or two. I started running in January of 2009 and weighed 180 pounds. I ran CMM in April of 2009 at 175 pounds.

My goal weight for CMM in 2010 is 155.



And I'm not giving up my BEER ! ! !


  1. Hubba Hubba!! I LOVE before and after photos!!Chris, that is so Awesome!!!! You are so close and you should be so proud!!! Keep up the great work!

  2. haha, nsfw. i think i would've been safe!

    i think i have a free spray-tan visit to sun tan city.... haha. they fingerprint though so i'm not sure i can give it to you.

  3. Wow, congrats on the weight loss! I wish I would have taken before pictures of myself. Looks like your mighty close to your goal of 155.

  4. beer is one of the big reasons I run. you can have both.........

    cool before and after photo's, very PX90'ish.


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