Sunday, January 10, 2010


I'm not sure why I am so drawn to trail running. It could be the just the raw aspect of being in nature and exploring, which is exactly my spirit.

Trails, especially, with lots of elevation change, are very tough and challenging. I hit the best trail system in Nashville this morning, Percy Warner Park, and it once again kicked my rear end. It's like I'm a beginning runner on trails.

7.62 miles in 1:32. 12 minute miles and every one was earned. I "presumed" that I was in decent running shape. Decent on the roads, not close to decent on trails.

StumpJump 50K in October is looming mighty LARGE on my horizon. I have lots of practice/training to do.


  1. I've heard numerous people say that if you take your best road marathon time, that you can maybe cover 20 miles on the trails in that same time period.

    I haven't done any trail running yet for fear that I will be bit by the bug and will never want to run on the road again. Unfortunately, trails just aren't conveniently located for me.

  2. Jesse - I can believe it. Lot's of walking and lactate. I'm hoping it makes me stronger, and with time, better.

  3. I've heard that trail running is so much easier on your joints so I'm intrigued!

  4. I've only run the red and white trail a couple of times. Each time was very humbling. Love the trails, just wish we had something similar here in the 'boro


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