Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Dreadmill

I gotta admit, I don't really like using the treadmill. We don't have one at the house, so if I'm going to use one, I have to go find one at the YMCA or at work. Usually, I can only stand using one for an hour or less workout. I usually sweat like a pig, especially at the Y, because it's hot inside. One thing I do like about them is the ability to dial in a tempo workout, which let's me know exactly what it fells like at a certain speed.

And with this being the first of the year, lots of "New Year's Resolution" folks are busy honoring that resolution on any and all available treadmills. With a mixture of work related time constraints, frigid weather, and  limited evening sunlight - the Dreadmill is sometimes the only option.

So yesterday, with a 8 mile tempo scheduled on the training plan, I headed down the street at work, to seek out a treadmill. I had originally planned on getting outside during lunch, but the 8 miler during the day usually takes me longer than a "normal" lunch break, so I decided not to attempt it at lunch. So, I worked through lunch and took off at 4:30 headed to building #1. We have 4 decent treads at the Corporate facility right down the street, and "lo and behold" they were all in use. Now, even though I hate using them, I have resigned that during the winter/cold months, it's a necessity. I've been down to building #1 at around 4:30 to 5:00 many times during the last year, and NOT ONE TIME were all 4 treads being used. Oh well, I decided not to wait and just headed home.

At this time of day, I knew there was no use in heading directly to the Y to find a tread, it would be the same story there.

I finally got around to going around 7:30 and got to the Murfreesboro Y around 8. It was not bad at that hour and I was able to get on a decent tread and begin the 8 miler. I better get used to it, because Old Man Winter has finally decided to give us a taste of winter. No snow here in Middle Tennessee yet, but some is expected in the next few days. Good luck to all getting in your workouts.


  1. That's the worse. When you are finally committed to working out and then something stands in your way like that!! Congrats on you for doing your 8 and sticking to your plan. I like the TM at the YMCA better than mine at home, because it seems smoother. However, they automatically shut off at 60 mins, where mine at home automatically shuts off after 100 mins. That sounds a little crazy I guess, doesn't it?!?! Keep up the great work!

  2. Way to get it done!! I too share your hate for the treadmill. Stay warm :)

  3. I'm probably one of the few abnormal that actually likes the treadmill. Well, I prefer the outdoors with the change of scenery and fresh air, etc, but I love how the treadmill keeps me on pace and that I don't have to carry water or anything else. Great job on the 8 though...and yeah, winter's just started, I'm afraid. ugh.

  4. the crowd's are definitely a little irritating! used to be so simple to get in, get on a 'mill, and get it done. now you have to wait til one opens up... i'd suck it up outside but uh, it's been in the single digits and teens and i'm just not that hardcore!

  5. I've managed to stay off the dreadmill for the last couple of years. YUCK.

    No, I havent' gone any farther than about a mile past the point where the trail ends at Cason Lane. It really just turns into a deer trail. Now is the time of year to make the attempt. Perhaps one saturday, I'll get adventerous.

  6. I share your hate for the treadmill too!!! But good job getting through it.


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