Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Equipment Review - SmartWool Socks

I love my socks. To prove it, I have a whole drawer full of them. Sock and Gear companies must really LOVE their products, be they are so expensive. They must believe us runners are loaded. $12-$14 pair of socks are kinda expensive.

So in my quest (which is on-going) to find the best gear that I like, I tried the SmartWool socks out over the holidays. SmartWools claim to fame is comfortable wool socks that aren't itchy or shrinky (is that a word?).Well they somehow figured it out.

I picked up a pair of SmartWool Adrenaline Light Micro to use as my Trail Running. They are super soft and give just the correct amount of cushioning and moisture management. There is this little tab on the heel that helps the sock to stay in place so it won't slide down into your shoe. Best of all, THEY DON"T STINK.

At $14.95 a pair, they are pricey. Lot's of Ultra and Trail runners swear by them, so all these folks can't be wrong. I think I've found my "go-to" sock for Trails. I'll just have to add to my collection, a little at a time.

They have an entire line-up of socks, for Snow Skiing to biking and running. I'll try a pair of running socks next, and give a review soon.


  1. Our Poodle’s really like these socks too. They must be tasty.


  2. Sorry to be mia for awhile....

    I used to work at REI here in Denver and the Smartwool rep sold me big time on these puppies....but I found them to wear out quickly. I also got a discount when employed by REI so it wasn't much of a price issue then but wow, to purchase them at full retail is painful! I do save a couple pair for races and long runs but otherwise wear crap socks for regular training.

    Sounds like things are going well for you :). A very Happy 2010 to you!!


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