Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 14 - CMM Training

For 2010 Country Music Marathon, I have been following Pfitzinger 18/55 plan. 18 weeks and topping out at 55 miles per week. I believe that week 8 (8 weeks before marathon, he count's the weeks down to goal week) is supposed to be the 55 mile week.

Week 14 totals - 55 miles and around 6,250 calories burned. I feel good about the mileage. I can feel the road miles are getting easier after I log some trail miles. Most of the miles are easy, but I am mixing in some 3X3 tempo runs and hill sprints in with the trail miles.

I'm also on a 10 day streak, the longest such streak ever.

Week 13 is the final week of cycle #1 for Pfitz. The "Endurance cycle" is generaly a transition phase from the non-training phase to the training phase, getting the body ready for the ramped up mileage and some lactate training.

At the end of this week is my only winter time 5K. Stephanie and 2 of our kids are running the Zoo Run 5K on Saturday. Steph has really been diligent in her training. I think she has run every day this year except for a few days. Her goal is the CMM Half. I think its a great goal and challenge for her, and a good way to stay in shape. One of the kids running the 5K this weekend also wants to go out for XC at her middle school. I'm really happy and grateful that my running has rubbed off on my family.


  1. You’re running has inspired all of us. I have never see myself as a runner, or ever even thought about running. Thanks for inspiring me to do something I never thought was possible and creating a training schedule that actually works. I can’t wait to finish the 13.1 miles and see you there at the finish waiting on me.

    Most of all I have enjoying nature with you!


  2. You're already on week 14? Where has time gone? I should be starting week 18 in one week, unless I decide to switch to a 16 week plan instead.

    Enjoy your family 5k!

  3. Jesse - yes this is week 13. Race day is 4/24.

  4. 55 miles!! That is so awesome, Chris! You will soon have to change your profile. Running more!!

    Thanks for all of your comments :) I really do appreciate them.

    Way to go to the wife and kids!!

  5. I can't even imagine running 55 miles in a week! Incredible!

    Love that your family is hopping aboard the "running" train! You have definitely been an inspiration to them. How fantastic!

  6. Rock on!!!! Great running, Chris!!

  7. Glad to hear that your "easy pace" is getting faster as you go - I'm hoping for the same!


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