Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Corinthians 13 4-13

Been a rough 6 months for me, personally. Getting your world yanked away from you, without seeing it coming is like getting hit in the face with ICE COLD water.

I'm starting to run again. I'm like a brand new runner that has no base. Building from scratch, just like my life right now.

My favorite verse in the bible is 1 COR 13 4-13, but latly I've been holding true to this little gem:

"When your down to nothing, God is up to something".

Going to try and SURVIVE the Monkey this year. I'll need plenty of prayers for that.


  1. :(

    Prayers are on the way for whatever you may be needing at this time.

    Hang in there! So glad you are back!

  2. Sorry to hear dude, but glad you're still around. Hope things continue to get better in all aspects. Your blog buddies are here for you too!


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