Sunday, November 29, 2009

Las VegasTraining Re-cap By The Numbers

Yes, I'm a numbers junkie. I keep up with my Garmin downloads on two different sites. The on-line website is and the client version is SportsTracks, which can be found here. SportsTracks offers much deeper stats, but RA offers a link for websites, like this blog.

I intended to use the FIRST Training regimen, which is a "minimalist" program that concentrates on 3 key workouts per week. Of course, I experience my second significant injury of the year during the first workout. The FIRST plan is a solid, scientifically proven plan, but it is not for beginning to intermediate runner's. It, in my opinion, is a good plan for an experienced runner who has a LARGE base and knows how to use the key works to their advantage.

After I recovered from the injury, I figured I'd better start building solid base, although I consider this entire year one long base build.

Here are the numbers:

Weeks Planned = 16
Weeks Actually Training =11
Distance = 382 388 miles
Time = 59:23:35 60:14:25
Calories = 49,489 50,126
Significant injury's requiring 2-3 weeks recovery = 1
Mild injury requiring less than 1 week to recover = 1
Runs over 20 miles = 1
Runs over 16 miles = 3
Runs over 10 miles = 11

On Tuesday, I will reveal my plan for the marathon. See you then.


  1. I love numbers. Everything from stats in sports to analyzing businesses on wallstreet. Im looking forward to this Christmas when I can get a Garmin to really watch the numbers with my running.

  2. Thanks for the recap. Putting it all in numbers in one spot is great.

    I'm also a big fan of SportTracks.


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