Thursday, August 20, 2009

Right out of the Gate


Wow, seriously. And this training program was SUPPOSED to prevent injuries, because of the amount of training involved.

Well, I am experiencing what is probably ITBS (IT Band Syndrome). It flared up right after my Speed workout on Monday. It feels like someone has taken a 6-inch needle and stuck it in my right hip. I have pretty much rested since then (Biked on Tuesday) and felt like most of the pain, from Monday, had subsided by this morning before my planned workout.

After dropping C off at Kindergarten this morning, I decided to go to the Y and hit the treadmill. The ONLY reason I will do treadmill is when it is overly humid outside, or a chance of thunderstorms. This morning, both was a factor, plus I didn't want to get to wet from the humidity or rain that I couldn't get into work.

I hit the treadmill and eased into my 2 mile warm up. I usually take a good 1/4 mile to 1/2 mile to get warmed up, and today was no different. About 1/2 mile into the warm up I could feel my right hamstring staying tighter than usual, so I hopped off and stretched a little bit. I could feel a "pull" in my hip after I hopped back on, but the further I went, the more I loosened up. I set the treadmill to 6.5 mph and did the rest of the warm up mile at a 9:15 mile pace.

Stretched a bit more and cranked up the speed to a 7:40 mile pace. First lap (the treadmill shows the distance as a 400m track - or about 1/4 mile) went good and I felt lite on my Nikes, but could begin to feel the tightness boiling up in my hip. It hit all of a sudden, and literally felt like someone stuck a needle in there. I shut it down and did some stretching, and headed home (working from home today). Trying to contemplate how to proceed now. I have Jeff Galloway's running book and he says to take Vitamin C 3 times a day and stretch. Lots of info on the web also, but mainly says to take it easy for a while.

At worst, I'm hoping that this just sets me back a week or two on the Speed and Tempo work. I'm going to proceed with my Long run this weekend, but at a slower pace than planned.

So right now, Mr. Bolt over there, doesn't have anything to worry about from me.


  1. Don't blame the training regime, blame the treadmill. They are tools from the Devil!!! :-)

  2. C, I think you are right. Still hurting this morning. I've heard from some others, that it could possibly linger for a while. I've got a "Stick" coming in the mail today (must have been an omen that I ordered it on Monday) so hoping some message will help.


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