Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gear Review - CW-X Compression Socks

A few weeks back I purchased a pair of CW-X compression socks to see if they would, indeed, help with recovery after medium and long runs.

Stephanie calls them "knee high tights" and tells me they look like granny socks.

But, I digress. Compression socks were originally marketed to folks with compromised circulatory systems, such as edema and deep vein thrombosis as well as post surgical patients to help aid circulation, hoping to decrease the risk of blood clots.

More recently, they have been marketed toward tri-athlete runners who spend hours biking, then transitioning to running. Meaning they went from not using their calves to really, really using them in a short period of time.

Some of the benefits are supposed to include:
  • improved oxygen delivery to muscles
  • accelerated lactic acid removal
  • help reduce muscle fatigue
More recently, they have moved into the runner community, when Paula Radcliffe was seen winning a major marathon wearing them.  Some website even contend they are a fad.

So off to Team Nashville I went in search of some compression socks. They recommended either the CW-X brand or the Swiftwick brand. Now, I am a real supporter of Swiftwick socks which are a local company, but I really liked the fact that I could run with the CW-X socks. Ok, so they do feel like "tights", but they do seem to make my legs feel good after long or medium runs (which is about all I am doing right now.)

I even wore them on a trip around Percy Warner 11.2, and my legs felt really good, during and after the run.

Bottom line is a hearty recommendation for compression socks. There are many different variety of compression sock sellers, so until I try another pair, I would defiantly recommend CW-X.

Please post any comments that you may have about CW-X or compression socks. I'd love to hear them.


  1. They look ridiculous!! BUT I get it.. LOL 

    The Wife..

  2. I finally picked up a pair of compression socks (Oxy Sox) and tried them out during my marathon recovery. Put them on right after my ice bath and wore off and on for the next day and a half (with the exception of sleeping). My calves/ankles didn't hurt at all, but my quads were killing me. Not sure if it was the socks that made my calves feel great, or the fact that my quads hurt so bad I didn't notice my calves. But, I'll definitely wear my compression socks again.

  3. I've heard good things about those Oxy Sox. I may give them a try. Thx.

  4. dude, I know the socks do a great job, but not making that great of a fashion statement. Never the less, you are my hero. Stephanie keeps updated on your runs, you are a mad man. Good luck on the marathon tomorrow.


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