Thursday, October 29, 2009

Old shoes vs. New shoes

I did not realize that my old Nike Vomero 4+ with around 350 miles were as worn down as they were. The new ones arrived from Running Warehouse and I tried the new on the left foot and the old on the right foot. WOW ! ! !

Discussion from most runners say the shoes only last around 300 miles. I guess I didn't really believe this, but perhaps it is true.

Heal support on the old ones were non-existant compared to the new ones, which may explain the Achilles Tendonitis (which is getting better.)

Here is the visual proof:

Too bad shoes don't come with treadwear indicators :)


  1. That's a good tip, Chris. Everyone's gait is different and it depends on the mix of terrains one runs. So it is actually a good idea to check the heels of your shoes as early as after 200 miles. Even for an individual, the wear and tear may vary between the left and right shoe!

  2. Ooooo, so shiny!! :-) This will definitely help!!

  3. Thomas - it's crazy how they look good on the outside, but break down so fast where it counts.

    Mel - I wish I could have a new pair every month, but I don't have any shares of Nike - LOL (maybe they should give me some.)

  4. Well, you sure got your monies worth! It's an amazing difference, isn't it!

  5. It's amazing how quickly you can go through shoes when marathon training. But, if you buy the same model at least you don't have as much of a break-in period. (Oh, and if you aren't already getting a discount at runningwarehouse, let me know and I'll send you a coupon code I have that will get you 15% off every order).

  6. Mark - LOL, that's what I told my wifey. A few cents a mile makes it sound more "reasonable." Good luck this weekend.

    Jessie - Blows my mind how fast the wear out. BTW - I used tha 15%, it makes a HUGE difference, because Nike is PROUD of their shoes $$$


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