Monday, October 12, 2009

OktoBEERfest and post 1/2 Marathon thoughts

This weekend, Stephanie and I headed down to Helen, GA to celebrate the German heritage holiday, Oktoberfest. It seems to be very simular to Mardi Gras, as in, they have created a "holiday" in order to drink a lot. One thing about runners, though, is they love to drink beer. So much so, they have a race, every now and then, called the BEER MILE RUN. Basically, you drink a 12oz can of your favorite beer, run once around a track (1/4 mile) and chug another beer at the start/stop line. Continue this for 4 laps. Sounds like good times, I will have to try one some day. This weekend, however, was not about running for me. It was for relaxing and have a few pitchers with my wife and some friends, un-winding and forgetting about training. I commented to Stephanie, that I was going to forget about running on Friday and Saturday, and if I did mention anything, just tell me to shut up.

So, with the Murfreesboro Half Marathon still fresh on my mind, I thought I would wrap up my thoughts on that race, and move on to LONGER and BIGGER races.

1)  I broke the cardinal "have everything ready the night before" rule. Since we left the house and it was still dark, I totally forgot my sunglasses. Very fortunatly for me, Stephanie had her running Oakley in her purse and let me use them. Very fortunate because, we were on the course several times STARING into the the rising sun, and the shades really helped.

2) I broke cardinal "do not try anything NEW during the race" rule. I got a really good deal on the nice ASICS tech shirt at Athelete's House. I could tell that it was a good shirt, because I am so used to wearing bargain price stuff, this one really felt good. BUT, the insignia left my nips a wee bit on the raw side after 13.1 miles. I even applied my Body Glide before the race, but I guess it rubbed off. OUCH.

I was a little more sore on Monday than on Sunday, as my quads were letting me know that I used them for 13.1 miles at a good effort. Not near as bad as the few days after the Country Music Half back in April. I ran on a treadmill for 4 miles on Monday afternoon, and worked out much of the soreness. By Wednesday, I was ready to move on, so I headed to Percy Warner park and did the 11.2. Thursday, I followed that up with a 10 mile run out at the Greenway. I could tell that I was tiring at mile 6 - 10, but still finished.

Friday and Saturday was mostly this:

Helen, GA is right on the edge of the Chattahoochee National Forest, and if you have ever been to Gatlinburg, you know how the cabins are built: i.e. right on the side of a HILL. Big time hills all over the place, which I took full advantage of early Sunday morning. 8x10 second hill sprints and the steepest hill I could find. Ten second sprints of a hill that is inclined at a 30 degree angle does not get you very far, believe me, but it was a great VO2 workout.

On the drive back to Murfreesboro, I was thinking that this is the last weekend to relax and enjoy the time, because the real training starts Monday. Over the next 4 weeks leading up to Chickamauga, I will be doing an 18 and 20 mile Long run. Most of the hill and speed work are over. I will be concentrating on tuning for the longer distance and trying to maintain it. So now that I have celebrated the minor victory of the Middle Half, it's time to get serious. SERIOUSLY ! ! !


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  2. Good times!!


  3. Just read your comment on my blog... I did alter my FIRST training plan a bit. I was returning from an injury and didn't feel comfortable with the long runs the plan called for so I stuck with what it said for the other 2 runs each week and then changed up the progression of the long runs a bit. I could email what I did if you ever want to see it. And congrats on a great half. I love that particular race!


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