Thursday, September 10, 2009

Must... keep...

It's Titan's time, and we all know that Fisher will "keep it close" going into the 4th quarter, and try to win it there. I have no hair to pull out, or there would be locks a' flyin' tonight.

So tonight, it is Must keep from yelling at the TV, because all the kids are in bed. Normally, I'd be yelling at something about now. It's been a slug fest all night, 2 good teams, will probably see each other in the playoffs.

Yep, 4th quarter is starting with the score tied 7 - 7.

Running is going pretty good. My quad's have forgotten that I used to be a Runner, and are giving me soreness. Hip is good, just dealing with it now. I am going slow, so slow sometimes, I trip over my own feet. I'm wanting to GO GO GO, but am reeling it in.

Run Chickn Run 10K is this weekend, but I am taking a rain check on the race. I am, however, volunteering to be a race attendent on the course. My girls are also volunteering with the Y to be drink aides, so we are all going down to the Gateway very early Saturday morning.

Stephanie is planning on running in the Christie Cookie 5K in Green Hills. I think it may be up in the air, as her dad had his surgery today and could be coming home Saturday. I keep you posted on that, as well.

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