Friday, September 18, 2009

Little Buddy

I've had a little bit of residual soreness from my miles from last week, so I've once again, backed off. I think the rest has worked great, my legs are feeling as good as they have in a month. The bad news, I don't feel like my fitness is at a good point, and the upcoming Middle Half Marathon will be a challenge.

I've been reading up on some new Performance type shoes, the Brooks Launch. They are very light, around 9 oz. which are 3 oz. less than my Nike Vomero 4's (which I love to run in.) They should be here Monday, and I'll upload some pictures and give a review after my next long run. I'm going to only run very long runs and races in these, and continue to use the Nike's as everyday trainers.

Went out Monday to get some miles in, after the long 12.75 mile run on Sunday. My legs were shot and had a bad, slow go of it. I just felt like I was being followed, or dragged down for some reason. So, I get back to work, and I'm walking up the side walk to hit the showers, and felt a strange - itchy feeling in my shorts. Turns out I had a little hitch-hiker take a ride with me. I'm going to attribute the "extra weight" to my slowness.

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