Friday, August 14, 2009

The Beginning

Since I'm new to "long distance" running, I love to read experiences from others. So, I thought I'd start my own rambling blog, to document my progress toward running a late fall marathon (with a half-marathon and 'warm-up' 26.2 marathon thrown in for good measure).

Hopefully, as I get the blog set up more, I can show my progress for this year. It all started on my Birthday, last December. I had finished with one round of P90X in October and was in pretty decent shape (for a 40 year old guy). I had dropped my weight from 205 to 175 during the round. I was eating better and generally feeling better. But (and it was pretty pronounced BUT)my muscles and legs were sore all the time. I guess age and not being AS active the past few years as I was accustomed to, left me tired and sore all the time.

Then the holidays hit, and I cut loose on all the good food. My family loves gatherings during the holidays, and in general there is more food available - you know how it goes. Well, by my birthday, 2 days after Christmas, I was back up to 182, and just feeling lousy about letting it go so quickly after getting into shape.

On my birthday, I logged onto the company network and checked my email. There is was. An email to participate in the 2009 Country Music Marathon or 1/2 Marathon. The company wanted to do a Wellness Challenge in which they would pay a portion of the entry fee. We, as participants in the Challenge would raise funds for the company's Charity AND get FIT in the process. My campaign for the charity was called "From the couch to 13.1 miles in 4 months". Well I raised money for the company and participated in the "beginner" running meetings the company held, to help us get ready. 4 months later, I stumbled across the finish line of the 09 CMM 1/2.

But along the way, I became ADDICTED. To running.

So here I am, now 8.5 months into running. Next week I start my "official" 16 week training schedule. I have decided to do the FIRST Marathon Training Program, so we will see how it rides.

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